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Austin Corner Portrait Project

“Sometime in 1948 I began photographing portraits in a small corner space made of two studio flats pushed together, the floor covered with a piece of old carpeting. A very rich series of pictures resulted. This confinement, surprisingly, seemed to comfort people, soothing them. The walls were a surface to lean on or push against. For me the picture possibilities were interesting; limiting the subjects' movement seemed to relieve me of part of the problem of holding on to them.” Irving Penn 

Inspired by Penn, photographer David Carrales recreates Penn’s Corner Portrait experience as part of 2016 East Austin Studio Tour at Imagine Art, 2830 Real Street, Austin, Texas 78722.

David Carrales

The public is invited to pose for portraiture in the Corner Portrait Studio on November 20, 2016, from 11 AM—6 PM.

Images taken may be included in a gallery exhibition at Imagine Art in spring 2017.